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Chevron Stripe/Mary McDonald Madness!

Ever since I saw Mary McDonald’s zig zag floors on Million Dollar decorators I can’t get zig zags and chevron stripes out of my head! I’ve been all over the net looking up chevron stripe pillows, curtains, paintings and fabrics! My favorites have been from Missoni Home, but they are soooo expensive! I can’t wait to be rich so I can drape myself, and my home in Missoni! 

When Mary unveiled the floors to the home owner she hated them and said they looked like Willy Wonka floors, but the client trusted her and loved the end result. I feel like that’s how my boyfriend will react to the chevron stripe pillows and blankets I’ve been eyeing… but I’m sure he’ll love it once I’m done. He should be happy we can’t paint the apartment floors, or they’d have been painted weeks ago! I’m obsessed with painted floors, too. All of a sudden wood and carpet seem SO boring! 

I have loved Mary McDonald since I saw the first episode of Million Dollar Decorators. It showed her four pugs, I love my fellow pug people! Rumor even has it that the character Karen, from Will & Grace was written based on her personality! No wonder I love her! Mary’s sense of humor and one liners always keep me laughing, she is definitely my favorite designer on that show. I’m so sad that the season is over, sadsies! But hopefully season 2 will be back soon.

I’ll leave you with my favorite Mary line… her client told her she had bad news and needed to talk to her right away. So, Mary drops by the house and her client drops a bomb… she’s getting divorced and is selling the house, so she can’s spend a lot of money on redecorating the guest house. Mary’s response was “Well, I’m glad it’s not something really bad, like you lost all of your money!!!” HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!

She was just joking to make light of a heavy situation, it can comes across as insensitive, but to me it’s hilarious! I tend to do that a lot, I joke about stuff that’s really heavy in order to move along a convo and make the situation less awkward. Life is too short to take everything so seriously, you have to laugh about it and move on.

P.S. Chevron stripes foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

P.P.S. If anybody wants to buy me this bag (hint hint Stevie!), it’s on Etsy!

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